lighting project

Hello everyone, I am looking to perhaps include the Arduino in my AS level DT project. I thought of a rather ambitions idea to create an outdoor path lighting solution, incorporating an Arduino, PIR sensor and two 5m LED strips, all of which are powered by a solar panel. I have absolutely no experience using the Arduino and no experience in more complicated circuits like these, so I was wondering if perhaps you could offer advice as to whether or not this is a viable project or if I should rethink my project! I am very willing to learn how to use the Arduino and I also think it would be a really good way to set my project apart from the others! Any sort of advice on how I might do this would be really helpful and I look forward to seeing what kind of advice I might get! Thank you for your time, Patrick

viable project


I am very willing to learn how to use the Arduino

Here is one place to start, lots of others on the WEB.

Do your project one step at a time start with the LED strips ( to reduce your costs - do a mock up with short lengths of LED strips) then add the PIR and then look at adding the solar as a later option.


May be some problems with solar.

In general, you will expect the battery to discharge more-or-less completely at some time, and start charging when the sun comes up, at which point the voltage will increase gradually. There are as I recall, certain options you need to set so that the ATmega chip comes out of reset correctly at the appropriate voltage level.

Hi everyone, Thank you for the all the great replies! I am feeling rather skeptical about using solar power and so I am considering just using a battery pack of AA batteries instead. I was just wondering how difficult it will be to wire up an Arduino, a strip of LEDs and LDR instead of PIR and produce the code to run it, as I think an LDR might be better for this kind of application. Thanks again, Patrick