the first time that I documented a (tiny) project good enough so that I can share it with you. My lightPrint project.


This is excellent!

I am also a big fan of long exposure light drawings. Sometime during my holiday break I am hoping to build a 16 rgb led version that uses TLC5940's to do PWM on all 16 led's.

Very nice work and thank you for the thorough documentation!



Great documentation, its not often people do dual language write-ups.

@Miles Thanks :-) I also ordered some TLC5940's and RGB LEDs. I hope they will arrive before Christmas ;-)

@thegeekway also Thx! For me it's much more easy to write in German. But I think it's necessary to translate to English, because otherwise a lot of people don't have the possibility to profit from the work.


Very interesting project and yes looks very good. So regarding the pictures you took, did you just carry the LEDs around your room while setting your camera to expose with long exposure? Could you add details to how you took the shot? What you're doing is very similar to persistence of vision by the way, which is the interest of many people, including myself. Just google arduino pov.

Jep. A few weeks ago I present this project in the German part of the forum and somebody said: Oh, nice. But somebody else did it already. :-) He has also a bit more functions like different patterns and an ACC sensor. I already gone some steps further with my project, but it isn't ready and clean for publishing.


Nice work! It would be very cool to load the text or the symbol in the eeprom of the Mega328. So it wouldn't be necessary to program the Arduino for every different text. Just a small software on th PC that writes the chars to the eeprom via the serial interface...


I have already plans in that direction. I would like to store single patterns for every character, so you have just to send a text & it will be displayed. So it will be also possible to use other devices. For example a mobile with bluetooth...