Lights & motion sensor on a building

Hello, I want to build a motion sensor on a building to light it whenever someone waves, I want to place the motion sensor / Ultrasonic sensor on the other side of the road, is this possible to do?
If yes how and what parts exactly do I need?
P.S I want the motion sensor /Ultrasonic sensor to run on a different power source than the main building
Thank you

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Start with a RPi.
Video camera

Spend some time researching detection of motion's of people.

Yes it is. Post a block diagram and a schematic.

Can you please explain more?

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To start, you’ve hit the first rule of project development.
You need to identify and solve all the individual parts of your project.

  • Detecting people (discriminating them from ambient background movement)
  • Detecting them waving
  • Controlling a large light
  • Powering the whole project
  • Tying it all together
  • Paying the fine for shining a bright light across a public road

The controller & light have nothing to do with the building being illuminated, power can be taken from anywhere.

Ultrasonic will be almost useless, it will see every car and pedestrian that passes the field of view.

There is a challenge here…. if it’s dark, how can a camera see anything? If a motion sensor turns on the light for the camera to ‘see’’ the people, where’s the challenge?
Maybe an IR camera, looking for ‘people’ would be a starting point.