Lightsaber Question

Okay, Here's what I have going on. I'm building a lightsaber with an arduino nano, a wt588D-U for sound, a Parallax memsic dual axis accelerometer, and an LED srtring blade. The question I have is: Do I need to run a MOSFET to power the LEDs or will a resistor work to keep from overloading them?
THank you in advance!
Sam Cremeens

What is “a LED string blade”.
There are many different LED strips. Post a link to the one you are using.
You need a mosfet (or three mosfets) to PWM analogue LED strips.
A digital (addressable) LED strip can be controlled directly with an Arduino pin.

In the Exhibition/Gallery Forum there are 2 lightsaber threads - any chance that the question may be answered there?