Heey everybody. I have made a lightshow with the arduino.. But the problem is, i want to make a button. so i can start and stop the lightshow. please help mee:D

can anyone help me to program the button into the arduino. please help..


Have you tried the tutorials? There is one called button. The code should be in the examples included with the software you use to send a sketch to the board.

Once you understand that one, you can move on to debounce, which shows a better way to interact with a button, but is more complicated.

should i copy that code and paste it into my program or what?

Do you now where i should paste it?

Well, I would recommend understanding the two examples above, and then adapting their code to your needs. That way you get a sketch that works and you will have learned a technique you can reuse later.

Since both use the button to turn a LED on or off, it should be relatively easy to adapt them to turn your light show on or off.

In general, it is recommended to do the tutorials and examples that have something to do with your project, since this can answer many basic questions you might have.