Ligthing detector GY-AS3935 & SEN-39002: AS3935


I am new in arduino´s world but already develop in other languages.
My program is about to be able to detect a “ligthing” from Ligthing generator ( SEN-39002: AS3935) by Ligthing Sensor ( GY-AS3935 )

I Already tried a lot of examples and yotube videos without success.

Now I am using this exemplo that, for me, looks like the most close of a correct program.




  • Circuit:
  • Arduino Uno AS3935 Breakout
  • SCK: pin 13 SCLK (must not be changed for hardware SPI)
  • MISO: pin 12 MISO (must not be changed for hardware SPI)
  • MOSI: pin 11 MOSI (must not be changed for hardware SPI)
  • CS: pin 10 CS0
  • SI: pin 9 SI (select interface; GND=SPI, VDD=I2C
  • IRQ: pin 2 IRQ
  • 5V: 5V Arduino I/O is at 5V, so power board from 5V

I attached some images with information of the monitor.

If someone could give me a help with a working example.
My objective is detect the most simple information that the sensor is detecting the ligthing.

Tks in adv

Did you read this important sentence on the simulator page?

Effective range is ~5-15cm from emulator antenna to sensor antenna

Did you ensure that the sensor chip was within 5cm of the simulator choke while you ran your tests?

Theoretically you're over spec if you connect the 5V of the UNO's SPI pins directly (datasheet says maximum is 0.9*Vdd, so about 4.5V). I guess the chip will tolerate it but I don't know it.