Lillypad(?) wearable electronic instrument feasability


I want to make a corset that the wearer can play as a musical instrument. Preferably with different switches that play different notes, which aren't tone/beep sounds (so I'm guessing a wav file assigned to each switch). And preferably with the ability to play notes simultaneously.

Because it's a corset, I'm guessing that fabric pressure switches aren't going to work (because there will be quite a bit of pressure on the fabric at all times.)

What I'd really like is lines of conductive cord on the outside of the corset, that play when touched. I've seen instructables on how to make electronic music through clothes that have patches of conductive material, or sewn conductive thread, that when touched makes a noise. I'm not at all sure though if what I want to do is feasible.

I'm not asking for anyone to design it for me (although come on, that would be amazing), but could someone please let me know if it's worth hunting around for the solution?

I'm new to electronics, but I've been doing some research. (And my boyfriend is into coding, so he could help me on that front.) So far I've found out that I couldn't use the lilypad mp3 player because of the delay in timing due to it having to skip tracks, and also because it doesn't allow tracks to play simultaneously. (I've thought about using multiple mp3 players, but it would be bulky and expensive.) I'm wondering if using a conductive cord will work as a switch, but I thought it might because it looks like the same principle as using conductive material as a switch (which is what the instructable clothes seem to be doing). I'm also wondering if I'd need to make some gloves to complete the circuit.

Should I change my project massively and save myself the headache?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (And sorry if I sound like a dunce who hasn't done her homework. I've been clicking around the internet for days and days and I've just been getting more confused.)

Should I change my project massively and save myself the headache?


The folks over at Adafruit are really big on wearable tech. Go over to there forum and ask the same question...


Thankyou! XD

I'll go do that right now