Lily go bad usb help

I have a lily go bad usb here and I would really like it if someone could explain me how I could use this usb to run one script on a computer.

I’m new user of bad usb and I thought it would work like you insert the usb stick in a computer, you add a script and it works. The computer didn’t even know the usb stick was there

My usb didn’t do anything so I’m pretty sure I understood it wrong.

Could anyone explain me how to run a script, if Arduino scripts are universal for Arduino usb and what I should do to run par example a easy YouTube rickroll script?

I tried some research especially to the lily go usb and all what I got was a explanation was which pin did what and it didn’t help me to use this usb
I also red a lot about the Maldiuino usb before I got this one and i thought it would me the same but that’s seemlingy to easy thought

Thanks if you would like to help me

I think Im close to understand how it works. I will update if I don’t understand it again

I know understand that I need to install Arduino ide and I’m able to let my laptop detect the USB. First I used a Linux distribution with the Arduino usb, but it didn’t recognize the whole thing. Windows was able to detect it.
I’m able to select the right board in the IDE but I’m still unable to upload to the usb. Couldn’t find the board on the port. How to change?

If you can't figure out how to use a "bad usb" type of device on your own, then you probably have no business using one anyway.

Maybe this will help: LilyGo BadUSB - ATMEGA32U4 - Info & Pinouts

I believe that learning isn’t bad and that there exist people who are willing to help me. If you can’t paint you can learn it. Or is using a bad usb too complex to understand if I’m not able to use it directly?

I thought I was able to learn it, because I got far in other (usb) technical related things to. If I’m wrong I’m sorry

Thanks for this. I red this indeed, but I wasn’t able to use it properly to get further. I could found here explanation about pins and a way to use a German keyboard, but that didn’t help me to start l,

because I still couldn’t understand how I should use the usb stick. I didn’t know what I should do to let the computer it recognize, insert a script and running it

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