Lilypad accelerometer


I need LilyPad accelerometer for motion sensing. I just need raw data to go to my pc directly, and then I want to interpret the data. Is it possible? I don’t have powerful background in electronics, is it easy to do?

when it says it is washable, does it mean that people can take shower with it?

And for a rate of 3 samples per second, how many days can the battery work?


dunno bout the battery… but yes the accelerometer is just like any other accelerometer, so it is possible to draw data from it directly into a pc…

and if you wanna take a shower in it, you’ll ahve to take out the battery (or unplug it from the wall socket/pc/whatever… basically, no power source)

Thanks so much.

Does anyone know the battery life? Just an estimation is enough.


What battery do you use?

I don’t know. The battery that lilypad works with it.

I know of two which are sold, the lipo and the AAA battery packs… does yours look like a AAA?

I haven’t bought it yet. So I don’t know with what kind does it work.

What was the battery life of the one you have seen?

And, what should I do for trasfering the data to my pc? Any programing is needed?


the actual arduino software has a sketch that will do exactly that:
reading data from an accelerometer and sends it back to the pc over serial. if you want to do that with wireless communication you have to ask someone else ^^

if you want to work with the data you can look here:
or look at the examples here:


Yes, I need to transfer data to my pc with wireless communication. Any idea?

how about this little thing:

anyway range is limited and i don’t think you will allways be within range so…wouldn’t it be better to save the data on an sd-card?

Ok, How can I save it on a sd-card? does it have a memory card with it?
power supply is not in the accelerometer?


lilypad and the accelerometer don’t have interfaces for sd memorycards. but you can look here anyway i never worked with sdcards so i have no detailed informations, all i know is that its possible ^^

there isn’t a buildin powersupply in the accelerometer but accelerometers don’t need that much power my ADXL330 runs on 2,0 V min and 3,6v max the lilypad needs 2.7-5.5 V you can run booth on the same powersupply as long its within range. or you can power the accelerometer from one of the digital outputpins.