Lilypad Arduino- POV device

I recently sewed a POV device in to a skirt. Everything worked perfectly. I used a lilypad mainboard, 8 lilypad LEDs, and 1 Lilypad power supply that holds a AAA battery.

Then I saw the design for the frogr “shield” that allows you to snap the lilypad in instead of sewing. So you would be able to easily remove the lilypad if you would like. I followed the pattern and used nickle plated brass snaps and conductive thread.

On the other side of the skirt I sewed the snaps on as well and set the LEDs up exactly as I had on the other skirt (pin5 grnd pin6-13 leds).

Here is the problem, none of the LEDs will light up. They are all sewn in with the snaps and are connected to the board. The board itself lights up and has a “countdown ticker” light action. but nothing is getting to the LEDs.

The largest difference I find between the two skirts is that instead of using the Lilypad power for the AAA battery I sewed in a CR2450 cell battery into a pouch in the waistband. I used copper wire to reduce resistance and sewed it into the sides of the pouch. I made sure that the positive was touching the positive and the negative is touching the negative and that there is constant pressure on the leads. I also wonder if because the AAA battery is 1.5v and the CR cell battery is 3v if that is throwing something else off?

I am very new at arduino, programming, and electricity, so I am the noob trifecta and any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

button cell batteries are like bicycles to cars in terms of raw power

2 try using a multimeter to make sure the snaps are conductive, sometimes "they" put a clear coat on them, which does wear off but not immediately, but its probally thought #1


same with the wire

ok, I tested it with a multimeter. I get a little charge out of the cell battery (.004) to the led itself. but I don't get anything with the AAA battery. I would understand if the resistance was too high and I needed to adjust some things. But how do I not get anything out of the AAA battery?