Lilypad Bootloader Modification

I've been using the Lilypad bootloader with a ATmega168 and the 8sec timeout has given me time to think.... Since this bootloader doesn't use the crystal pins it would be nice to use one of the pins to hold the the micro in bootload mode indefinetely by a switch, then other state of the pin (switch) would bypass the bootloader 8sec and make it instantly run the code. Has anyone made versions of the bootload with a similar function? thanks

doesn't use the crystal pins

bootloaders don't use (or not use) the crystal pins; that's up to the fuses and the hardware design. The Lilypad schematics show a resonator connected to the crystal pins since ... at least version 1.8 (current is v2.0)

There are the extra analog pins, but they don't have any traces attached...

You can modify the bootloader for a shorter timeout, or even run optiboot on it. Several bootloaders (including optiboot) include a "no wait" modification ("Adaboot no wait mod") that prevent the timeout after powerup (it would only occur after reset or auto-reset.) But I thought lilypad was already using Adaboot...

Thanks for the clarification, I'll read up on the bootloader options. I think I just needed to know the correct terminology.

I forgot to mention this is a breadboard without an external oscillator, I'm just using the Lilypad bootloader.