Lilypad gone haywire.

Hey Folks,

A friend of mine gave me a panicked call last night telling me her Lilypad, which had been working perfectly for the last few weeks, had gone berserk.

I went by today to help her, and I think this one is outside my knowledge.

Here's what's going on:

When the lilypad is powered pin 13 starts strobing like wild. This happens regardless of power source. (Sources tried: 3.3v usb serial module, 5v usb serial module, lilypad AAA battery adapter, and a 9V battery regulated to 5V)

This stops when the reset button is pressed, but restarts immediately after it is released.

When we try to upload a new sketch to it, we get the following error (in both OS X and Windows XP):

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

I'm running out of ideas on things to try, any thoughts?

I see that exact error every time I upload. I just unplug from USB and plug back in. If it occurs again (rare), I restart the arduino program. It fixes it every time.

Thanks Icarumba,

but as this has been a problem using different computers and serial modules, I'm confident this is not a reset solvable problem.

I did read that, but thought I would mention it. I use a TTL-USB cable--you mentioned serial as well. Have you tried all the basic troubleshooting steps? Was it ever plugged in, in reverse or powered by more than 5.5V?--I know that can totally toast the chip on-board. I would test a couple of the atmega's pins to make sure with a multimeter. Also, remove anything you have it connected too.

Yep, all the basic troubleshooting steps were went through to no avail.

Nope, never powered by anything above 5v.

And yep, the board is currently connected to nothing.

I use these serial modules:

The strobing issue also happens when the lilypad is powered by the lilypad AAA battery adapter (AAA battery stepped up to 3.3V) or a 9V battery regulated to 5V