Lilypad, green light? programmer is not responding

Hi all,

yesterday I got the Lilypad, but I can´t get even to the point that the green light shows up. And when I try to upload the blink code I get the message: avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

It´s a Lilypad ATM328

I have a connection via a TTL-232R USB-Serial Converter 3,3V, as it is on the photo on leah´s homepage

I work with a Mac with OSX 10.6

I downloaded Arduino and the FTDI Driver and checked the Serial Port: /dev/tty.usbserial and the Board

Can anybody help me and tell me what might be wrong?

Am I right, that there should be a green light showing up, when I connect the lilypad to my computer?

Thank you.

I don't see a 'power on' led on the lilypad schematic. Just a led on pin 13 like a regular arduino. What are you powering the lilypad with?

There’s no LED on the Lilypad other than the Pin13 LED which is under the control of a program that might elect to raise that pin high, thus illuminating it.

I’ve got the same setup - Mac OS X Snow Leopard, FTDI breakout board (3.3V) (should also work with a 5V one, the rest of the Lilypad stuff is scaled for 5V), USB lead in the breakout board connected to the USB hub, Arduino IDE set to:

  • “Tools” → “Board” → “Lilypad Arduino /W Atmega328”
  • “Tools” → “Serial Port” → your particular /dev/tty device.


What are you powering the lilypad with?

I thought the power comes via the USB-Connection. I can measure 5V. When I connect the + Pin with Pin 13 the LED lights up, but it won´t light up when I push the reset button or anything else. I read following in the instruction:

Plug the USB to serial device that is attached to your LilyPad into your computer. The LED on the LilyPad should flash a few times very quickly.

But it does not, and it seems that I can´t upload anything.

I checked the Settings various times, but everything seems okay.

How can I check if the AtMega is okay?

Did I miss something really simple in the instructions about the setup?

I don't see why it should flash a few times quickly when you plug the FTDI breakout board in. That must be a spelling mistake, and it probably should've said “shouldn't”.

When you are uploading the program to the Lilypad via a different programmer (ie, not via the FTDI breakout board, but directly programming it using an ISP programmer) it will probably do a bit of flashing, though, because Pin13 is also the SCK signal line. But you're not doing that, so don't worry about that.

Directly shorting +5v to pin13 is a highly strange thing to do, especially if the pin was held low at the time (ie, the LED wasn't lit until you pushed +5v into it at the same time as the Atmega was also pulling it to 0V).

I hope I didn´t cause any damage, when trying to get the LED to light up? :-[

Does it make a difference, because I am using a FTDI cable, not FTDI breakout board?

Still keep getting the message: avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
when I try to upload. How can I make it work?
I tried several times to press the reset button a few seconds after I´ve clicked on upload, like it says in other posts.

I would be happy if anyone could help me, because I´m completely new to all this.