Lilypad mp3 for capacitive sensing and sound trigger

I have several questions on the use of the Lilypad MP3, hope that I can find some help.

  1. I am interested if it is possible to trigger several files than 5 – in terms of playing various random files by closing one switch on the board. So to say to have a bank of audio files for each inputs…?

  2. Instead of ordinary switches I would rather use capacitive sensing (or alternatively variable resistance). If anybody has done such projects with the Lilypad Mp3, I would be happy to hear about the results and the tips for changes in the code.

  3. I also might want to use several inputs than five - what would be the best way of multiplying the inputs: by using several of the microcontrollers running individually or is there another way when using only one of the Lilypad MP3’s…? Or would another microcontroller serve better?

  4. I am aiming for a no-computer setup, and also lipo batteries are a plus, as i want to avoid using power cords. and the running time is only 3 days, so i am thinking that a 2000mAh lipo would be fine…?

A board like the bare conductive touch board with lipo battery, sd card and audio amp would be perfect for sounds triggers, but this is not available yet.
so i am trying to find the best way to find an alternative...

Any thorough explanation I would appreciate (I am still a learner)..!