Lilypad mp3,how to connect a relay to switch a elektromagnet on and off

I realy was looking all over the net but i cant find anything about relays used with a lilypad mp3.

its about a littel fun phone experiment.
there is this bell and a electromagnet to ring it by hammering a small stick against it.
its working with 8 AA(1,5V) batteries, seriell. i also can work the relay by using another 4 batterys already but thats it. if you takte the phone off during the ringing you should hear a audiofile playing and it should ring randomly all 10 to 50 minutes for 10 ringing periods of 6 seconds. thats the project.

i allready found out a lot of other stuff but i cant find a description how to use a FRS1B-S DC5V 1A/125VAC relay with the lilypad mp3.

how can i connect it and how should i call it in the code to tell that it needs to be activated at least 5 times a second. so the bell can ring properly.. i am open to all suggestions but i need to get it done till monday the 26. :expressionless:

i would be very happy if anybody knows ansers.

You have to use a transistor connected to a 5V power supply, like the first diagram on this page replacing the motor with your relay:-

You just sent the pin it is connected to high and the relay energises.

For code just treat it like you would an LED, there are plenty of LED examples around.