Lilypad MP3 - No reactive triggers


I am making a project with Lilypad MP3 and I’ve met some technical issues straight away with the board. Even if I’ve plugged the full lipo battery, the SD cards with the sounds inside, any triggers are working. I’ve tried each one by touching the ground and one trigger one at a time and there are no sounds at all playing from any of them, through the headphones or through the speakers.

After installing the USB drivers and selecting the serial device and the board type, I’ve uploaded the trigger sketch ( to the lilypad mp3, choosing also the output serial debugging information. It looks fine in the monitor serial except that the sketch stops before the end, just after checking the files names. The last part should detect the triggers but nothing appears in the serial monitor about this. For information, I’ve had to change the baud in the serial monitor to 4800 and leave the 9600 in the sketch to have an understandable result in the serial monitor. In order to make it clearer, I’ve joined some pictures to the message related to the explanations.

As the debugging solution offers no answer about the problem with the detection triggers, it is impossible to guess what is the problem. I’ve already tried the other troubleshooting checks described here ( but that’s not helpful.

Thank you very much for your help, any idea will be good to hear…

Have you read the how to use this forum sticky post? It tells you how to post code. Have you enabled the pull up resistors in the setup function? It is not a good idea to use pins 0 and 1 to trigger anything as they are used for serial communication.

Hi Grumpy_Mike, thank you for your answer.

It's working now! The triggers were not working yesterday because I was trying to trigger with crocodile clips and my fingers contact. Now, when I plug the crocodile clips directly from Ground to T1 or T2 or T3, it's working. I don't know why my body can't interact with the Lilypad mp3 when I put 2 crocodile clips, one on the ground and the other on the trigger and touch them in one hand each. I would like to do an interactive poster with conductive paint like in the tutorial (, so people touch the poster and trigger in fact the sound. Apparently in their tutorial also, we can even touch the sound drawing without touching the ground in the same time. How does this work? They use pull up resistors (the same you were talking about?) and the T2 for the Ground but when I do the same, it's not working (maybe related to my no conductive body :-/

Yes, I've avoided the pins 0 and 1 to trigger as I knew they are used for serial communication, thanks. I was wondering regarding to that what does mean A0, A4, A5, do you know? TRIG1 = A0; const int TRIG2 = A4; const int TRIG3 = A5; const int TRIG4 = 1; const int TRIG5 = 0;

I didn't know about how to post code, can you give me the link to read about that please? I can't find it.

Thank you very much for your answer and have a very good day :)

Apparently in their tutorial also, we can even touch the sound drawing without touching the ground in the same time. How does this work

You make a circuit with your body. Use a much higher pull up resistor maybe 1M. This technique is a bit of a hack as so many things on the net these days. What you actually want to do is to use a touch capacitive switch. AdaFruit sell a small breakout board for this.

To get better results just moisten your fingers. Or wet your hands and then dry them on a towel.

I told you, about posting code it is in the how to use this forum sticky post at the start of every section.

what does mean A0, A4, A5, do you know?

These are the analogue pins being used as digital pins.

Hello Grumpy_Mike,

Thank you very much, I had not had time to come back on the forum to answer but in the meantime I had finally used another solution and avoided what was not working.

I will try your technic of wet hand but it is not very easy solution as we are touching painting...