Lilypad Project - Sensors


I'm looking at doing a project using an Arduino Lilypad and just wanted some advice for the project. Im looking at using an arduino lilypad as the master controller of an I2C bus with the slaves being other microcontrollers i was looking at using an AT-tiny but i am not sure which one to use. The slave microcontrollers will process data from a range of sensors to send back information to the lilypad. so my questions are how feasable is this project and any advice on what type of microcontrollers would be compatible to use as slaves.

if you want to be able to attach the our project to normal clothes than i think you need to make some changes .how many sensors do you plan to use ,what are those

im not planning on attaching it to normal conventional clothing im planning on actually using a method for weaving data lines into fabric and attaching the non washable devices using conductive Velcro. My plan for now is to get one sensor working quite a simple digital temperature and humidity sensor SHT71 ( for more info) that ive recently learnt about in lectures. But the main thing i am unsure about is what microconroller to use as a slave device.

i think the SHT71 would act as a slave further you could straightaway attach it as it has a digital output the code required would also be basic