Lilypad Remote Bluetooth LED Control Project

Hi guys! This is my first post here, and I have never worked with Arduino before, but I have been researching it online for the last few days. My background is in programming, and I’ve never constructed a circuit before (where I knew what I was doing), so I’m an absolute beginner here.

I’m planning on making a gift for my girlfriend who attends college on the other side of the US right now, and my general goal is to use a Lilypad board, a bluetooth module, a tri-color LED module, and a temperature sensor to make a plush toy that, when held by the user, begins to glow and (via bluetooth) tells a server to tell its twin plush toy to start glowing as well. When both users are holding the toy, the LED would glow a different color.

So my breakdown right now is to first make the Lilypad device (I’ve attached a schematic I made in Fritzing – please tell me if I’m doing anything wrong here, since I hardly have any idea what these wires all do. I’ve just based this off what I’ve found online). Then I’ll write a simple bluetooth driver for the computer that can receive events from the device and send signals to light up or not. This driver will communicate with a simple server script I’ll have to write that will make sure both bluetooth drivers (her laptop and mine) are on the same page. The drivers will ask the server if anything has changed in maybe 10 second intervals.

From what I’ve read, the Lilypad Simple Board should provide enough ports/power to handle this, and since it’s rechargeable with a LiPO battery, I think it’s pretty ideal. I don’t know how bright the tri-color LED can get, so if anyone knows if it’s enough to make a plush toy glow (reasonably well), let me know, but the multi-color element of this is pretty important. I’m planning on using a JY-MCU bluetooth module, since it’s wayy cheaper than the bluetooth mate on Sparkfun – if this is a really bad move, let me know; it seems to be just fine, from what I’ve read though. And finally, the temperature sensor seems pretty straightforward, but if there’s a better way to tell when a user is holding the plush, let me know!

But what do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions?


I don't have any direct experience with the LilyPad temperature sensor, but those I have used only really react to direct touch. Not sure you're going to get the detection you need with that therefore, unless it's in a place that will be held when the plush is picked up.

Perhaps some kind of motion sensor would be better suited?