Lilypad tri-color LEDs vs regular tri-color LEDs

Hi folks,

Sorry, another NOOB question (but hey, at least I searched the forum first :) )....

I've been working with LEDs a bit lately. I've checked out the sewable tri-colored LED components sold by SparkFun, which look very cool, but also sell for $7 a piece. Is there any additional circuitry in the Lilypad tri-Color LEDs? Should I be able to use a regular tri-color LED I can get at my electronics shop?

Also, I assume that pins 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 support PWM output, just like the Duemilanove?

Thanks for the help, Tyson

Um, they put a link to the schematic right there on the page.

It just has current-limiting resistors on it, not anything fancy.

It’s probably expensive because it’s low volume and they had to use special materials and/or processing (perhaps conformal coating) to make it machine-washable.

If you just want some RGB LEDs to play with, I recommend these folks. I haven’t bought any RGBs from them yet (although I will later this week, unless I find a good deal at Mouser I can add to the order I’m building), but they were very fast and cheap in getting me the other LEDs I bought.


Thanks a lot Ran. You answered my question exactly. I’ve been on that page a hundred times and I never once noticed that schematic.