Lilypad USB blinking red light and can't connect?

My lilypad USB has a red blinking light above the CHG/ON switch. It blinks really fast. There is also a glowing red light left of this switch, but this only works when I have it ON.

None of the videos I've seen has this red blinking light also can't seem to get Windows or my mac to see the device (no port shows up). Could it be that I got a dud? Is there something wrong with my Lilypad?

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Try a different USB cable and see what you get.

I bought a 2nd board which worked, so must have been something wrong with the first board (tried multiple cords and computers).

If anyone else is curious - you should see a blinking red light on your lilypad usb (which doesn't seem to apply to older boards - as I saw in youtube videos)