LilyPad: Vibrotactile Jacket Project

So I am trying to use 4 Arduino LilyPads ( along with 16-20 of these vibration motors (LilyPad Vibe Board - DEV-11008 - SparkFun Electronics) to create a vibrotactile jacket.

I am trying to use the LilyPads as slave modules controlled by an Arduino Mega.
I intend to control the motors using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

I have a few questions, as I was previously using the Arduino Uno and now have to shift suddenly to the LilyPad.

  1. Is the LilyPad capable of communication through I2C? (since it is not specified on the page?
  2. Is it possible to connect using the USB cable I was using for the Uno/Mega?
  3. Since the LilyPad lacks headers, is all the wiring supposed to be soldered? Or is there some alternative? (Soldering Irons hate me =()
  4. Since each motor is rated at 75mA previously I used a MOSFET to power them on the breadboard, how do I translate the breadboard circuit into something I can mount onto a jacket?

Lastly, I would be very grateful for any general advice or precautions I should be mindful of!

Thanks in advance!