Lilypad with FSR to display wirelessly

Hello everyone,

At the moment, I'm working on a project for a hand rehabilitation center. In short: I'm building a glove that will meassure pressure dealt by each finger individually (using FSR 400 sensors on the fingertips of the glove).

The results will be sent to a display showing numbers from 0-99 per finger, depending how much pressure is meassured by the sensors (higher = more pressure).

Until this part, I've got it all working perfectly with an arduino uno and a display directly connected to the arduino.

But, as it's going to be used in a glove, I'm going to need a Lilypad, which is not a problem. The problem lies at the point where I want to make the display wireless. I want the glove to be used without any struggle of cables around it. I'll put the display in some kind of little case that will protect it.

My question is: what would you suggest for me to get this working? I've been looking at Xbee modules or bluetooth modules. One of the main requirements is that the part that remains on the glove has to be as small as possible. The display + case part doesn't have to be small.

Will I need 2 arduino's (ie. a lilypad on the glove and a sepparate arduino in the casing) or is just a lilypad + xbee/bluetooth combined with the LCD + breadboard + xbee/bluetooth enough?

If anyone has questions, please ask them. I'd really appreciate some help! Thanks.

PS. I've been searching a lot on this subject but I can't seem to be able to find anything similar to my project. Hasn't anyone ever sent sensor information to a display wirelessly?