LilyPad XBee without XBee Explorer

Ok, I guess I missed having to buy an XBee Explorer in order to configure my XBees through X CTU, just wondering if anyone knew if it were possible to configure an XBee on a lilypad XBee without an Explorer, and using just the lilypad FTDI board.
Seeing as there are physical restrictions (tx and rx pins located directly beneath where the FTDI board goes), is there any way??

Can you post a link to the lilypad ftdi board you speak of.

If your ftdi gives you access to the RX,TX,DTR,RTS, and CTS signals you should be able to route them to the lilypad xbee.


Here's the link for the FTDI board:

I know you can configure XBee series 1s without using X CTU, but it is much easier when using it to test with X CTU right?

Sorry, I don't have an actual 'xbee lilipad' to look at. I see there is an area for a connector that would work with a FTDI 3.3v. It appears that connector area doesn't connect to the 3.3v regulator. If you connect the 5v FTDI it would probably damage the xbee radio.

You could use alligator clips and wires to use your 5v FTDI.

connect FTDI Gnd, to the Gnd pad.
FTDI +5v to "+" the on the lilipad (Verify that '+' is to the 3.3v regulator!) or it will fry the xbee!
FTDI Tx to the Lilpad Rx
FTDI Rx to Lilipad Tx

I'm only going by pictures!!! So verify that you are connecting Ftdi 5V to the 3.3 regulator input on the lilipad!!!

you should be able to use X-CTU, just as if you had an Explorer.

FTDI Schematic (Look at the connector pinout). It also looks like it's labeled on the FTDI board itself.

You can solder right angle male headers to the holes to the left of the radio and connect there using a 3.3V FTDI board or cable.