Lilypad Xbee


I'm trying to achieve a wireless connection between two Lilypad Xbees.
My first "hello World" test worked perfectly, but I just don't get how to upload code on the Lilypad. Do I need an additional LilyPad arduino ?!?

Dumb question I know, but how do I upload code on a LilyPad Xbee ( )?


The xbee is a radio. It does not execute upload-able code. It's code is programmed into it by the manufacturer.

The lilypad appears to be just a breakout board for the xbee.

So, it does not appear that there is any need for to be uploading code.

The board supports attaching sensors. The xbee can send some sensor data, and receive some data that can control output devices, like LEDs.

Enabling that, though, requires that the xbee be programmed using the X-CTU application and a board like this:


I've done these steps already with X-CTU and the USB Explorer Board.
But can I upload code to the LilyPad itself, is this LilyPad also an arduino board?

I mean doing (for starters) something like that for example:

Not that particular lilypad. There are other lilypads that are Arduino-compatible boards.

ok, thanks!