limitations.. can I do all this at once??

Hello, first off I’m pretty new when it comes to all of this but I have taken a little programming so I have a very basic understanding.

So currently I’m working on an AUV project that requires a system of indicator lights to alert us to battery status and status of the AI. Currently I have our batteries connected to the arduino through a voltage divider and outputting signals to 10 LEDs based on the level of the input signal (0-5V… so a battery monitor). I would also like to have three more LEDs set up (Green,Yellow,Red) that will turn on according to the current status of the PC. So the arduino will constantly monitor an analog input voltage, and also switch between illuminating three separate LEDs depending on what signal the PC is sending. My question is can I do all of these at the same time? My goal is to be able to display the PCs status using the LEDs and also control relays depending on which status is indicated. (for example, if the AI has timed out and can’t recover a signal will be sent to turn the Red LED on, this signal is also sent to a relay which disconnects power to the thruster system).

if I’m making no sense please let me know, Thanks!

If you're concerned about processing capacity or the number of output pins I think you're fine.

You probably need to get more specific about your inputs and outputs - draw a diagram maybe.

I do sort of wonder about the 10 leds for your battery monitoring. Does the arduino need to do something when the voltage gets low? If not, maybe a separate voltmeter would be simpler.