limited space need help finding the right board for my stepper motor project

Hi im new to arduino so before i went and spent money i wanted to make sure im getting something that will work.

Basically all i need is to drive one nema 23 stepper motor. it will be someplace very tight and also hot and dusty if that makes a difference. I want to be able to hold down a switch and have it spin then stop when i let go. i figured i could use a switch with multiple positions so when held down the other way the motor would spin the other direction. I tried to find an example of something like that but all the code seems to be for controlling the speed which i dont care about so if anyone thinks they could show some examples like that i would appreciate it.

Any suggestions on the shield i should use? they all seem to be for cnc machines which is way overkill for what i need. Any help at all would be appreciated.

Don't use a stepper motor. Just use a DC motor. No arduino needed.

You can use a DC motor and a 3 way switch (left - off - right), without any controller and other circuitry.

Using a controller requires an additional motor driver board. The logic is quite simple:

if (left_switch) turnLeft();
if (right_switch) turnRight();

i want to use a stepper for a few reasons.

  1. its a Z axis from a cnc and the stepper is already on there and it would be much easier to drive that than fabricate a way to hold a different motor.
  2. i have plans for the future to add things into the features that this prototype wont have like a z height probe.

its hard to explain what im doing but basically i want to control a Z axis manually

Ok, post a clickable link to the specs of the motor.

These links may help

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

If you need more help please post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motor and tell us what stepper motor driver you are using.