LIN BUS Interfacing - TJA1020

Hi I have seen multiple post about LIN Bus but none seems to be able to provide clear information on the topic.

I am Looking for a interface Wire Diagram for TJA1020 between LIN - TTL UtART on Arduino. this Chip is out in the market but strange none in community has posted direct post on it. All lead to MCP.

I am planning to control Car HVAC via Arduino which will act at BCM Unit with the AC Control Unit onto a custom design

Auto AC Unit is presently off a Vehicle which interacts over LIN to the BCM which controls all the actuators based on inputs and sensory Data.

Have you looked at the TJA1020 application note on the NXP web site?

Yes, did check this also LIN Bus with CYPRESS CY8CKIT-026 and Arduino Uno or Due but as usual no response form Arduino end.

LIN Bus seems to be one of the less responsive areas with huge potential.

Use an oscilloscope to verify that data is getting through the transceiver in both directions.
If you don't have an oscilloscope then attenuate the signals and use your computer audio input as an oscilloscope.

Some news with this module?

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