Line follower robot- Selecting motors and Interfacing RS485

Hello geeks, I am completely new to the embedded field, pls help me to figure out the problems I explained below. Thanks in Advance.

I need to do a line follower robot with a new sensor not with IR.
The problem is that the sensor gives o/p through RS485. How can interface RS485 with arduino.

And I also need to interface some motors for the movement of robot.
I am unaware the mechanisms of motors.
This robot car needs to be fast as possible and need to take curves by following the line with high precision.
I use different supply for motors ie. differential.
Which motor will satisfies my requirements (DC motor,stepper,servo).

Hi, what is the make and model of your sensor?

Tom..... :slight_smile:

PGV- Position Guided Vision
pls use the link for more details