line follower with obstacle avoiding

i need circuit diagram for line follower with obstacle avoiding. The line follower should work even if the path is inverse. The track is normally black path with white background but it should run even if the track in inverse(white path with black background). I even need the code for the line follower. Please help me. Thank You

Sample track is given

So what investigation have you done so far? There are a lot of resources for both line following and obstacle avoiding, which will give you ideas for hardware and code for each.

Then use your own ingenuity to adapt and mix the two together.

i have the coding but not the one if the track is inversed and not even the proper circuit diagram

avinash13jun: i need circuit diagram ... I even need the code

If you want somebody to do the circuit design and write the code for you, you should advertise in the Gigs & Collaborations section. Note that most people would expect to be paid for working for you. Also note that if this project is something you're doing for academic credit you should be doing it for yourself, and trying to get somebody to do your assignment for you is liable to get you into trouble.

If you tackle the project yourself there are plenty of people here to offer advice when you run into problems, but ultimately you are expected to do the work yourself.