Line following detection

Hi all-

We are using this Infrared line following sensor to detect the line on our robot. It will be used in conjunction with the Mega2560.

When any one of the LEDs detects the line, it returns a digital HIGH at 3V. Will this be enough to make the pins on the arduino go HIGH? I realize this is a pretty uncommon voltage... with 5V or 3.3V being the norm. Thoughts?

The threshold is 0.6 times the nominal voltage. So on a 5V system the threshold is 3V and your signal is not high enough to rely on. With a 3.3V system the threshold would be about 2V so you would be OK.

So, since I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that the mega2560 is a 5V system, what would be my best option going forward so that I can accurately detect HIGH values from the sensor?


It would be best to put the signal through a transistor first.