Line Following Robot, with a camera


So its my first time to use an Arduino, and my doctor asked me to build a Line following robot, but instead of usual sensors, he wants me to use a camera to process the image and make the robot follow.

And in fact i'm not sure where to start, or what camera i should be using or how to program it.

I would like some guidance with this project since its my first one.

Thank you in advance.

sorry for my English, not my native language

The arduino can be used in a line following bot, but does not have the memory or processing power to any image processing. PCs are usually used for the image work.

You could use an Arduino Yun or a Raspberry Pi, those would have the memory and processing power.

However this is not a simple project and I would suggest it to too much for your first project.

You have to research about image recognition.

The arduino isn't powerfull enough to do that job, but it can drive the robot wheels. I would recomend using the Arduino Yun which has both capabilitys.

I agree. Pattern Recognition overhead is too great. You wouldn't have enough memory with an arduino.

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