Line Following Robot with OV7670 Camera Module

Hello, I’m new to the forum :),
I’m an electrical engineering student and am working on a project for Digital Signals Processing.
The project consists of a line-following toy car with an OV7670 module mounted underneath the car accompanied with an LED strip to read the black tape on the floor. I have approximately 3-4 weeks to do this, can it be accomplished and is it a difficult project? Also, is the Arduino capable of processing signal images from the camera module?
let me know what you think

Hi, yes I would say this is a difficult project.

Can it be done with Arduino? Maybe a Due, I'm not sure. Definitely not an Uno or Mega. I have seen projects where an Uno reads jpeg images from these camera modules and writes them to sd card. I'm guessing this is quite slow, and the Arduino is not processing the image in any way, just moving the data.

Your project would need to process several frames per second and, more importantly, decode the jpeg image to inspect pixels. Uno and Mega have far too little memory for this and not enough speed either.

I would recommend sticking to traditional ir emitter/sensor designs.

Alternatively maybe a Raspberry Pi and a Pi camera module. There should be lots of documented projects around. You might still use an Arduino with the Pi, to control movement of the car. This feels like a 3-4 month project, not weeks.