Line following robot????

How do I make this code compatible with a L293D Driver instead of Ardumoto, if the code is compatible already what pins do I use to make the motors work accordingly.

This is the link for the project :

Thanks for anything :grin:

LDR_with_Ardumoto.ino (3.42 KB)

In what way(s) do you think it is incompatible? The code clearly defines what pins it expects the speed and direction to be connected to - 3 and 11 for speed and 12 and 13 for direction.

Well that is cleared now but what is the exact diagram for it, I have added the attachment of what I think it looks like but if its wrong please tell me what to fix.

You seem to be missing a big assed battery to power the motors. The Arduino is NOT going to power the motors.

Well can you maybe tell me exactly what to do to fix all my errors as I will be doing this project soon with 3 other people who have the same problem as me.