Line Following Sensor

Hi all,

I'm planning to do multi line following robot. I mean, there are a lot of different colors line and robot follows the line I want. QTR8RC sensor is following only line. I will set different path (with different colors) and is there any sensor following the different colored line? Have you an idea?

You can get colour sensors like this but I don’t think they are suitable for line following at speed. Maybe you could use normal sensors to detect a line and then colour match to see if it’s the correct one. Then just follow it using normal sensors. This would only work well if the separate colour tracks do not cross paths.

I believe you can use a simpler optical sensor like this:

but you will have to use some software calibration to differ between 2 surfaces.

MikeLemon: I believe you can use a simpler optical sensor like this

That says it is an IR sensor so it will probably only return shades of gray from white to black.

Even if it could discern colors, you would need your own light source to provide and even balance of light regardless of and shadows etc covering the colored stripes on the ground.

My guess would be t use a web cam that tracks specific areas of the incoming video stream like the Movement detection of security cameras. They define areas to watch for changes. Might be asking a lot of an Arduino though.

Could you maybe use a RGB led and a photodiode?