Line Numbers

I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but line numbers in the code window, like the newer IDEs would be nice for referring to certain lines in OP's code instead of copy and pasting into your reply,
would save server space too.

How would line numbers on the forum be useful? How would line numbers on the web site be useful?

Are you lost?

I can see the value of displaying line numbers alongside program code displayed using code tags. It might even encourage people to use code tags.

HOWEVER ... it would be essential that the line numbers are automatically stripped off when I click select and copy the code to my text editor.


+1 Robin2

Compile errors refer to line numbers and it would be good to be able to find the line quickly.


You can try my forum mod if you are interested. It provides a nicer looking page with code highlighting and line numbers. And selecting the text only grabs the code.

You can read how to set it up here (or do a one off test):

This is what my threads look like:
code box.PNG

And the index:
forum index.PNG