Linear actuator and L298n start problems

I have an Arduino Uno that control a linear actuator with an H-bridge L298n. But when the linear actuator is cold or hasn’t been run in a while, then it won’t move and my 14v power supply cut off the voltage out. If I try a few times more then it starts. The dc motor is 12v and 3A, and is rated with 700N, but have a problem without much loads, like 40N. I have tried searching the web, but have problems with concluding on the best solution.

  • Should I add a capacitor out of the power supply?
  • Capacitor out of the L298N?
  • Use PWM?
  • Add a resistor?
  • Something else?

The 3 amps for the motor is while it is running. Measure the amps while the motor is stalled. Tell us the rating of the 12 volt power supply. You need one 5-10 times the running amps to stop the motor stalling.

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I’m not home with the project for a few weeks. But if it’s 5 times the running amps what is the best to do? If I add more power to the L298 it could break I guess. But as i remember my power supply is cutting off the output so there is problem with measuring anything i guess.

Likely some connection with the motor cutting out!

I thought it had something to do with the dc motor trying to use too much amps and then the power supply cut off. If I start it with a battery there are no problems.

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