Linear actuator from old printers


I would like to make a simple cnc mill using old printer parts. I made a first go at a linear axis using parts from an old epson printer.

But I am not shure how I should best proceed to include a second axis. I have the parts to do a duplicate build, but this one should be attached to the first axis somehow without making it too unstable. I am beginning to consider a stronger (no printer parts) x axis to build the printer part y and z axis on. This will of course increase my spendings on the project, particularly since I can get printers almost for free.

My main concern however is the printer stepper motor, I can run them on a 9v battery without too much heat and a fair amount of torque, but am not confident that it will be accurate enough. I drive them using a regular L298 driver from ebay. Maybe I should go for a chopper driver, or something that can do microstepping instead. Any suggestions? Another concern is that I can’t get the datasheet for the printer stepper and thus dont know how much power I dare to throw at the stepper. Anyone that know more about the epson 483 stepper motor?
I am shure that I will end up using some nema 17 or 23 stepper instead but thought it interesting to try the cheap way first.

Video not available ?

Googling "epson 483" yields some links. Like this one (click !)