Linear Actuator with Arduino Motor Shield

Hello community!

Maybe someone can help me with my question:
I would like to know if it's possible to run a Linear Actuator on the Arduino Motor Shield v3.

I have a Arduino Uno/Duemilanov, a DC Power Supply and a Arduino Motor Shield v3 (spec).
I am interessed to use this linear actuator on my motor shield board: Firgelli High Speed Actuator

Will the Linear Actuator work on my board or or do i need other parts too?

Thanks in advance!

Regards Ophir

Edit: Due the high shipping costs i switched the origin manufractor in this post.

It seems that Firgelli has given you all you need to know including a sketch.

That little high speed actuator looks like fun to use.

In a former life, I used Linak actuators for hundreds of applications, a pity Arduino’s weren’t around then.


Linak has cool things too. Unfortanality they do not tag prices.

The actuator is 9A full load (presumably stall current a lot more), so no, it cannot run from a 2A
motor shield (in practice the L298 without proper cooling is limited to about 1A anyway).

A high current MOSFET H-bridge is what you need, rated for peak currents of perhaps 30A
or more.

Thank you for your reply!

Could you recommend a pluggable Shield to me?

I found the MegaMoto GT: Spec
Is this part suitable for my case?

That MegaMoto looks like it is overkill for the job, but in a good way. You might also consider the Sparkfun Monster Moto Shield

You might consider one of the 43A h-bridges.

I use the VNH5019 motor driver from Pololu for similar linear actuators and am very happy with them. You will need a high current power supply, too.