linear actuator

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to use the arduino to move a stage up and down. I've have a little search and now understand the term for the electronic kit i'm looking for is called a linear actuator. I want to attach a stage on the end of one and control the distance it travels up and down.

I'm very new to arduino, and I've just purchased the starter kit, so please advise taking that into mind. I would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding what actuator to buy, stage attachment methods and how to program my arduino.

Thank you

You are talking motion control - this means you will need some way of measuring position, either closed-loop control with encoder(s) or a homing-switch and open-loop control (stepper motor).

Cannot give any more advice without knowing something about the mechanics of the system, is it to move 1mm, 30cm or 100m? 1 gram, 1kg, 1 tonne? Precision of what? How fast?

Hi Mark,

It needs to move in a linear motion around 6 inches, and be able to handle weight load of up to 500 grams. it must be precise in the linear motion. with an accuracy of sub 1 mm

I presume you mean a load of 5N (the weight of 500g). 1mm is not very precise over 150mm travel!

I think you might try looking at linear actuators based on a stepper motor with integral threaded rotor - couple this with a homing switch and you can calibrate position on startup and use open loop. Where to look for a device depends on what territory you are in...

Thanks Mark! and United Kingdom.

what are your thoughts on this actuator?

No, that's way more power than you need, something more like this:

You can get steppers specifically threaded for a through-leadscrew.