Linear Actuator


Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to tell if a linear actuator has encountered some resistance? I want the actuator to keep going until it reaches the ground. The only idea that I've had is to attach a button to the end of the actuator. When I did this the button was very fragile and broke off repeatedly.

Any suggestions are welcome.


You can monitor the motor current, which will increase dramatically as the motor slows down. Some motor drivers have a current monitor output -- this one works well for 12V linear actuators of up to about 200 watts.

A current sensor will give a normal current then increase at end of travel. This increase can be used to turn off the motor. You may need to include some sort of "give" at the end so the load increases but not a dead stop. A rubber buffer for example.


The other thing you could use is a non contact switch like an IR or proximity sensor.