linear actuator

Hello to All and thanks in advance for any help. I'm new to the Arduino and programming world so please forgime me for my ignorance. I'm using the Arduino uno. For now what I need is to controll epson OKI EM-295 stepper motor, but I do not have data sheet. I wont to controll the motor with a shift register (CD4094) and driver (POLOLU MD09B). If anyone Knows of somethings like this, or has done something like it in the past, any information would be a great kelps

I don't understand why you want to use a shift register. (The CD4094 is the CD4000 series equivalent of the 74HC595, incidentally). The stepper driver takes step/direction inputs and that's all you need.

A series->parallel shift register like that is used when lots of outputs need to be driven from few pins, and timing requirements are lax.

You'll see 100's of examples of driving steppers with A4983/A4988 and similar chips if you look.

You'll need to estimate the current rating of the motor - measure the resistance of each winding, guess the power dissipation from the size of the motor (as a reference point NEMA17 motors are around 4 to 6W), then calculate a plausible current from P = I^2xR.