Linear Actuator

Hi everyone

I'm new here and really need help.

I have an idea of a project but i don't know where to begin

I'm building a table that has Two Linear actuators

I'm getting these ones:

I simply need to be able to control them and memorize positions exactly like standing tables

i found this video:

They show exactly what i would like to do:

The problem is, i need to have TWO actuators and also they didn't show what parts i need to get:
The Board? The switches? and how to put everything together.

I really need a detailed explanation on this but i'm also willing to pay for someone to have a zoom/skype session with me. Clear english and explantion for dummies. Please help!

The actuator in the video has a feedback potentiometer (or equivalent) installed. You can not do what is in the video with limit switches, only.

Ok, Can you explain to me what i need please?

It would be easier to help if we know your specific application.

You need an actuator with some form of position feedback. That way you can control where it is.

That could be something that has an external signal for feedback. It could be one that you command to go to an absolute position (like a servo, but then linear instead of rotational). It could be a stepper motor with screw attached - using the limit switch you can home the thing (zero position), count steps from there to your desired location.

Which one is best depends on your actual requirements. Speed, precision, amount of force required, and maybe some other parameters.