Linear Input Device

Hey Guys,

I want to make a cribbage board that will display the score, 0-125, on an LCD screen. I still want to use pegs to move along a path but when the peg is inserted in a hole I would indicate that hole's position (number) to display on the screen. My question is what type of input device can I use to input the peg position? Is there a voltage or resistor or capacitance strip that can I can buy or build to do this? Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Did you try Google? Lots of ideas and products!


This sounds like a job for a custom PCB and either a conductive membrane or conductive pins to touch the contacts on the PCB.

You would also need port expanders or multiplexers to cope with the large number of contacts.

A custom PCB and a ton of cheap hall effect sensors from china, along with some port expanders (MCP23017 or MCP23s17).

You just have to put magnets on the bottom of the pegs.

While you are ordering the PCBs, order one along for the top part with all the holes in it, that spares you a lot of work drilling holes.
Stack 2-3 to get more depth, stack that on top of the sensor board and done.

And the topmost PCB can have silkscreen markings on it with the lanes or your logo or whatever.

The crib I play has 4 columns of 30 holes - one up and one down for each player...

Why does your variety have 125?