Linear movement with Arduino UNO and EasyVR

Hi to everybody, I would like to ask for advice. I am going to develop my first project with arduino UNO and Easy VR. It is a watches drawer. With a voice command received by EasyVr, Arudino open the specifics layer of the drawer. So I'm looking for some mechanism to generate the linear movement to allow the drawer to open. Online there are linear actuator, but they are very expensive, and they have a torque about 50/100 Kg. So I need to move maximum 0,5 Kg :) How i can replicate this movement? It is so simple, but there are no example online!

Thanks in advance,

Have a nice day to all. Grazie Ciao

If I am understanding you correctly: You could use a small DC gear motor with a threaded rod (attached by a shaft coupler). A nut assembly on the rod would connect to the drawer via a piece of cable or other. As the motor goes CW/CCW the nut moves IN/OUT. Google how to make a linear actuator ex: "" OR etc.

Yes, perfect!! Thank you for the tips!

Bye Rubens