Linear Pot... Not found 404

Anyone knows where I can find that kind of potentiometer?
Made research and coundn’t find anything similar


It is probably a one-off design for the phone (or whatever it is).

As MarkT says it could be custom designed but the closest match I could see is this.

Well thanks for help, yes Riva it's approximatly the same but not same pins, thanks for help anyway looks like i will need to improvise something.

If you are thinking about replacing the pot because it's noisy or not working smoothy, try [u]cleaning it first[/u].

Spray-in some cleaner and work it back-and-forth rapidly several times. Most of the time that will fix a bad pot.

I don't think cleaning it will make it work better, it was sealed inside the digital camera for years, no dust inside, maybe is not functioning so well because of the over use and the pot inside is like eaten, the material overused..etc

Hard I can take pictures..etc but making videos is the real struggle :D even if I move a bit the camera the video get's canceled and cut.