Linear potentiometer for pedals

I want to use a linear potentiometer as a acceleration and brake pedal in my homemade arduino gaming pedals . is it possible?


A single potentiometer as both brake and accelerator?

Two, one for each

So even easier than using one pot

What have you tried ?

More robust is a light barrier and a moving light shade (no electric pot wear).

A rotary potentiometer with a rack and pinion can be used instead of a linear potentiometer.

Google how a TIG welder pedal works.A rack and pinion with a rotary pot.

Not sure what a gaming pedal looks like but my first thought is to use a normal rotary pot connected to the bottom hinge of the pedal.

Cheap linear pots don't seem nearly as robust as cheap rotary pots.

Why do you want to use linear as opposed to log? A log taper pot would be more likely to respond as either of the pedals you mention, especially if they are to simulate automobile driving.

I took him to mean a slide fader, physically linear and of unstated electrical taper.

The voltage read at the wiper can always be modified in the code before doing anything with the value.


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