Linear Sensor Array-Suggestions for Project

Hi All-

I'm a new Arduino/embedded user(this will be my first real project) who is considering developing a telecine/photographic film scanning device. In my head, this will be a continuous scan device, with a high precision stepper motor that moves the film and a fixed photographic enlarger lens that projects the image onto a fixed photographic sensor(or group of sensors, each behind red, green and blue photographic color filters). Each line of the sensor(s) will be read in, and written to the serial bus to be reintegrated on some host computer. If I end up doing the RGB filter thing, I'll have to calculate the offsets of the red, green, and blue filters so that I can recombine them but I'm not worried about that aspect of the project. I'm a software developer and this type of thing is somewhat in my wheelhouse.

It seems like I want to use a linear sensor array or something like it. The TAOS/AMS TSL1412S( seems like it would be a good fit on initial inspection but I'm curious if there is something better out there(higher resolution, easier to manipulate, better documented), and if so, where I can buy one.

Some other chips I noticed were the Samsung TCD2957BFG(datasheet here: and the Hamamatsu S12706( Are these better options for my project? Key factors in my chip selection are 1) ease of construction(is this something a newbie can solder? is this something easy to programatically access with an arduino?) and 2) quality of the scan(I'm hoping to get 4k+ worth of data). Speed is not much of a factor, and sensor cost is also pretty flexible but of course, cheaper is better.

Any ideas? Any thoughts would be welcome.