Linear variable differential transformer


I would like to know if a linear variable differential transducer or transformer can work well with Arduino programming?

If yes, could anyone help me to create an electric circuit to treat the signal come from the transducer?

Thank u!

Yes, why not? You would need a multichannel preamplifier or buffer to feed the analog signals to the Arduino.

thank u aarg for your response!

actually i would like to measure a displacement. I would love to have the measurement converted from voltage to distance in mm.

i'm actually stucked in building the electric circuit (how many resistances do i need? do i need a potentiometer? etc) to connect the lvdt to the Arduino.

i'm actually using a displacement transducer guided with universal joints (as attached : )

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Do you know how it works?

yes. we will get the value of the different potential measured. inside of the transducer, there is a some coils (primary, secondary etc). when we move the metal rod inside the body, it will measure the different potential produced.

Okay, so all you need to do is generate the excitation sinewave, and measure the amplitude of the sense coils. Easy peasy. I recommend that you do some bench testing to characterize the signals before trying to code for it.

The Arduino has analog input capability, so that part is not a problem. You will need some kind of buffer or amplifier to drive the excitation coil.

The principle is extremely simple, so the difficulty depends mainly on your electronics knowledge.

thank u aarg!

but what is the 'bench testing'?

thank u aarg!

but what is the 'bench testing'?

Experimental design, usually at a work bench. Do you have access to an oscilliscope?

Sadly, no.I dont have acces to an oscilloscope.

What about a DVM?

Neither. We dont have much electronics equipment to do such experiment proposed. sorry.

That will give you a lot of grief. With very thoughtful design, and a very good read of a very good specification sheet, you might get lucky. Unlikely, however.

:frowning: :frowning: yeah. surely.