Linear Welding Rail

I am working on a 1 axis linear slide system to automate the welding of 5' seams. I have a button panel with selector buttons for 4 different steal thicknesses. Each thickness will be associated with a different travel speed for my stepper motor.

So I am trying to use AccelStepper to program constant slow motion at a given speed.

Right now, I cannot get any movement at all out of my stepper. I've tried various example sketches and nothing seems to work. With a simple stepper sketch that doesn't use accelstepper, I can get some jittery motion out of my motor. It seems like I need to set both reset and sleep HIGH for it to move. If someone can give me a simple example to try, I would appreciate it.

This is the driver I am using:

And the motor:

I have set the amperage on the board to around 1.7 amps.
DIR = pin 7
STEP = 6


That stepper motor and driver should work fine. Try this simple stepper code to get things working.

You have not said what power supply you are using for the motor (volts and amps)

The Pololu DRV8825 web page has good information.

Have a look at stepper motor basics.

And if you want advice with a program please post your code.


Thanks for the reply,

Got it to work now with no problems. It was an embarrassing mistake that was causing the problems.