Lining up Capacitors to give Electric Shock!

Can I arrange many small capacitors in a circuit to provide for a huge electric shock to whomever touches 2 probes..just for giggles??

I suspect the giggling will be replaced by a 911 call if you accidentally subject someone with a heart condition to your device. Is your liability insurance paid up?

What makes you think of many small capacitors in series? If you mean, charge each individually and then put them in series, they will likely discharge in the process.

It is possible that one very small capacitor charged to a high voltage might be relatively safe. The problem is that a capacitor is not much different to a battery and can provide a large current impulse as it discharges.

It would be more practical to model a design on an electric fence which delivers very controlled impulses at a regular rate using an inductor or transformer. This is how the toy shockers would operate.

If the impulse is carefully limited, there is no particular heart risk. Mind you, "carefully limited" and a major risk of what accidents happen as people react to a shock.

Clearly, you don’t know much about electronics. So play it safe, and cannibalize one of the toys you mentioned.

Yeah - just use the mechanism from one of those shock lighter things. You can get em cheap online, and you already know they're reasonably safe.

I'm trying to mimic the toy shock lighter which zaps you up your whole arm until you let go of the button.

Just get some on ebay and take them apart. Might keep you from getting your front teeth knocked out.

Giving people electric shocks of whatever magnitude seems at odds with your "peace" signature.

[quote author=Coding Badly link=msg=2651527 date=1457381310] Is your liability insurance paid up? [/quote]

.... not to mention your dental health cover.

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